Patty Ampleford: Artist


Bachelor of Arts – Psychology, Art & Design, University of Alberta, 1996
Emma Lake Artist in Residency Program, June 1- 8, 2002
Special Projects in Painting, University of Alberta, January – April 2002


Patty was born in 1973 in London, Ontario.  She received a BA, minor in Art and Design, major in Psychology from the University of Alberta in 1996.  Patty maintains art studios in Vancouver BC, DeCourcy Island in the Strait of Georgia, and Shuswap Lake BC where she draws much of her inspiration for her work.

paintings are bold muscular works with luscious colour, painterly application of paint, and strong sense of form, light and feeling of mood.

"Noticing the subtle nuances of colour, play of light and the essence of the landscape has inspired my painting and this series."  

Patty is represented by the Ian Tan Gallery - Vancouver, BC, the Scott Gallery - Edmonton, AB, the Canvas Gallery, Toronto, ON, the Vancouver Art Gallery: Art Rental & Sales Gallery, and the Alberta Art Gallery: Art Rental and Sales Gallery - Edmonton, AB.


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